• Hayley Rose Dean

I have a Podcast!

Hello everyone,

I have some very exciting news to share - I have created a Podcast! It's called Discuss and is available on Spotify, itunes and Acast just waiting for you to follow, subscribe and listen! A new podcast episode will go live every Wednesday and you can follow @discuss_podcast on instagram for all the latest info!

I've been wanting to create a podcast for about a year now, but I only started bringing the idea to life around 6 months ago. I wanted it to be a space where I can talk about important social issues, have open and honest conversations around taboo or stigmatised subjects with interesting guests, offering them an opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions as well as my own. I wanted it to provide a chance to talk about absolutely anything that I felt was important with someone who deserves a platform and with no limitations. Alas - Discuss was born!

I knew absolutely nothing about podcasting and so I had to do a lot of self educating and research. I feel like I've watched an endless amount of Youtube tutorials on podcasting equipment/set ups/general tips and I have to say they were essential resources for me, so I'm incredibly grateful to the many people who have shared their knowledge online. I brought some equipment, watched more tutorials on how to use it and then the next challenge was editing software. I didn't have any budget left to purchase new software so after reading a lot of reviews and watching more tutorials I downloaded a free one and taught myself how to use it. Once I had the technical side organised it was time to start thinking about content and who my guests would be. To start with I wanted to ask people I already know who I think have interesting stories, opinions or professions that centre around themes or topics that I think are relevant and relatable in the world today. Similarly, it was less pressurising and a good confidence boost to interview people I know to begin with, whilst I enhance on my interview skills and get used to podcasting in general. Although in the future I hope to expand my guests as the podcast grows, there are multiple people written down on a list that would be my dream guests - so I'm manifesting getting them on the show as much as possible!

If you follow me on instagram then you'll have seen my terrible attempts at logo design - luckily for me, one of my friends (Hi arron!) stepped in and created the amazing logo for Discuss, after pitying the ones I'd come up with. I am so happy with it and also need to quickly thank my boyfriend for taking endless photos for me! The music was composed by Andrew Delong and I absolutely love it - huge thanks to Andy for creating the catchy, uplifting themetune! His website is here for any of you who might require his musical skills.

I've put so much thought, energy and effort into this creative passion project and I'd really appreciate your support by subscribing/following on whatever platform you use for listening to podcasts. If you're on itunes then rating and reviewing the podcast makes a huge difference and I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone who is able to do that - it really helps new podcasters grow an audience by making it easier for listeners to find it. Plus it's really encouraging for me to openly see the support and it truly means so much.

I have also created a new Youtube Series - titled Discuss, to coincide with the podcast. Every Thursday a new vlog will go up where I will chat a bit about the themes and conversations in the podcast episode on a more personal level to keep the discussion going. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel here. Again, subscribing to my Youtube channel is really helpful - once I reach 100 subscribers I get to personalise the URL of my channel which is essential for branding reasons. In the most recent video, I talk about the importance of supporting creatives and their projects in the same way you would a small business. You'll have to watch the video for more on that!

Finally, I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has already supported me in this podcasting adventure - I truly appreciate it and really hope you enjoy the episodes!

Hayley x


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