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About Me!

Updated: May 19

Hello to everyone who has found their way to my blog & thank you for coming!

I have created this website as a place where I can showcase different passion projects I'm working on, but also a space where I can talk about things that are important to me. If you don't know already I have a Youtube channel, I'm in the process of creating a podcast and I also create content on a freelance basis.

This first post I just want to be a short and simple introduction as a way of formally, yet informally, introducing myself! I am really new to website creation and blogging, so please bear with me whilst I navigate my away around this new territory!

Hayley Rose Dean

27 years old


Content Creator

Travel enthusiast who loves to explore new places

Juicing advocate - more on that later!

Opinionated, emotional, passionate

Total book worm

Feminist in progress

Podcast Addict

Chocolate cake baker

Journal writer

I have multiple passion projects that I'm independently working on and want to use this space to share them and keep those interested updated on the progress. In addition this is a space where I can curate my thoughts and opinions via blogging about the things that matter to me.

I hope that you enjoy keeping on top of what I'm up to and please email me for any enquiries.

Hayley x


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