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  • Hayley Rose Dean

About Me!

Hello to everyone who has found their way to my blog & thank you for coming!

I have created this page to be a simple introduction to me and a longer post will follow more about why I've started this blog and what you can expect to see on here. This is more of a quick fire facts about the person behind the site, if you're interested in more then check out my next post.

Hayley Rose Dean

Mid twenties (probably technically mid-late, but that's a sore subject so more on it later)

Quarter life crisis club

Quit my job to pursue the things I'm truly passionate about

Travel enthusiast

Aspiring filmmaker, change maker and activist

Opinionated, emotional, passionate

Reading enthusiast

Feminist in progress

Podcast Addict

Gut follower

Yoga beginner

I have multiple passion projects that I'm independently working on and want to use this space to share them and keep those interested updated on the progress. In addition this is a space where I can curate my thoughts and opinions via blogging about the things that matter to me.

I hope that you enjoy keeping on top of what I'm up to and please email me for any enquiries.

Best wishes,

Hayley Rose Dean xxx

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